• Masipumelele - a township in South Africa
    Partners in Education for Life
    Masiphumelele - South Africa
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    Early childhood development (ECD)
    Masicorp ECD –
    Nurturing pre-school children
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    Primary Education
    Learning Labs –
    Helping teachers to teach
    and pupils to learn
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    Secondary Education
    High Hopes –
    Providing additional learning opportunities
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    University, college and further education
    Bright futures –
    Supporting students
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    Community & lifelong learning
    – the route out of poverty
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    Community & lifelong learning
    Masiphumulele Library –
    Computer Lab and community learning centre

Masicorp - partners in education for Life

Masicorp works for the people of Masiphumelele township, where we estimate more than 40,000 people live disadvantaged and poor by the legacy of apartheid. Since 1999, our work has made a proven difference to the lives of people in Masiphumelele.

Our focus is education — the surest route out of poverty. Our projects cover pre-school to adult learners — we are partners in education for life.

Please contact us and join our team as a fundraiser, donor or volunteer. You will be very welcome — there is so much still to do!

Our Spending

  • Programmes and projects - 85 %
  • OperatING COSTS - 15 %

Our work is made possible by a team of over 100 volunteers who give us their time and talents, and by donors from South Africa, America, the UK and elsewhere…more

Masicorp - This is our story

Watch how Masicorp helps the people of Masiphumelele
Our Projects
Early Childhood development(ECD)

‘Masicorp ECD’
– nurturing pre-school children

The early years in a child’s life are critical for development as they are a period of rapid physical, mental, emotional, social and moral growth.more

Primary Education

‘Learning Labs’ – helping teachers to teach and pupils to learn

Masicorp has an excellent relationship with Ukhanyo Primary School, which takes all 1,600 of the township’s children aged 6 to 14. more

Secondary Education

‘High Hopes’ – providing additional learning opportunities

Masicorp has identified science and particularly mathematics as subject areas where pupils at Masiphumelele High School struggle the most. more

University and Further Education

‘Bright futures’ – supporting students

Masicorp offers both financial and mentoring support to students from Masiphumelele who wish to undertake courses at local universities/colleges. more

Masi MCC 750 sports coaching

– the spirit of Cricket

Giving Ukhanyo Primary school pupils access to quality coaching, increased organized school sport, and the team building of a great competetive sport. more

Community and Lifelong Learning

Education – the route out of poverty

Many adults in Masiphumelele have not had the advantage of good schooling. Masicorp helps them gain the skills they need. more

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