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Last Updated: 23/Jan/2014

The township of Masiphumelele, near Cape Town in South Africa, is home to more than 38,000 people. Most live in shacks. Six families or more share one water tap and toilet facility. Roughly 70% have no regular work. ‘Masiphumelele’ – is the word in Xhosa that translates to ‘We will succeed!’.

MASICORP has over 12 years’ experience working in the township. Our approach has been to ask the community where and how they need support and, from this, we know the residents want a hand-up not a handout. We know that they see education as the route out of poverty.

Education is what we do: we built a library and education resource centre where over 20 programs are available free to residents; we have an important project to help improve education in the 20+ township crèches; we have a highly successful university bursary program and we work with and in the township’s primary and high schools.


This year we're making a push on Early Childhood Development with our Seedlings project. We want to help raise standards of care and learning outcomes for children age 1 to 6 attending the Masiphumelele township’s daycare facilities. ECD (Early Childhood Development) is considered by experts to be the most crucial stage in life, a stage that has more influence on thefuture wellbeing and learning prospects of an individual than any other throughout life. It is where sustainable change starts. Read our Seedlings Update here..

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