The MCC MASI 750 Sports Club

Ukhanyo Primary school is the only primary school in the Masiphumelele township. Pupils play a limited amount of organized sport due to lack of facilities and sports staff. An organized sports programme would give youth the excitement they seek, empower them, connect and give fellowship, build problem solving skills, encourage a sense of community in the township, encourage positive team work, increase self-esteem and provide employment.

Providing this organized sports programme is the aim of MCC MASI 750 Sports Club project.

TheMarylebone Cricket Club (MCC) has generously spearheaded this project with a R870,000 over the next three years as part of their MCC Spirit of Cricket drive.

Coaching cricket at Ukhanyo school

The project was featured in the England v South Africa match programme for the Lords test match in July 2017.

Through the support of the MCC and further individual donations, we aim to give the pupils of Ukhanyo Primary school access to quality coaching, increased organized school sport, competitive matches/tournaments through full participation. The initial donation will provide three cricket nets, which will build on the successful establishment of an all-weather running track provided by Masicorp in 2016. More

This will ensure that through organized sport, learners will develop an increased sense of purpose, self-belief, teamwork, honour, discipline and physical/emotional wellbeing.

The project is led by former South African cricketer and local resident Vince van der Bijl who is working alongside Ukhanyo School coach/PT instructor, Nceba Jonas. Nceba is currently the only instructor for 1,860 pupils. Each pupil receives one PT lesson every week, with the existing facilities consisting of one hard court netball court and a short sprint hard track and an open unusable potholed field with no posts or demarcated lines.

Despite the difficulties experienced at the school, cricket, soccer, netball, rugby and athletics are all popular, with teams representing most age groups. Most matches that are played are friendlies against other schools in close proximity due to lack of fields, funds, kit etc. Teams invariably use the opposition school’s equipment (balls, bats etc.) when playing competitive matches. Transport to every match is expensive as every match is an away game.

For this reason the next phase of the development programme is the construction of a comprehensive sports facilities development plan with three artificial playing surfaces with enhanced surrounds in the school, planned by Masicorp. The plans have passed by the City Council, but funding is still being sought to ensure this become a reality.

The project is designed to meet the following sporting needs:

  • Support for formal sport instruction and competition
    Vince van der Bijl and Ukhanyo coach Nceba Jonas Vince van der Bijl and Ukhanyo coach Nceba Jonas

    The MCC MASI 750 project will support coaching personnel, and contribute to transport and equipment costs including:

    • An assistant coach/organizer to support the current PT instructor and sports coach
    • Two part-time coaches for cricket and netball
    • Sports equipment
    • A transport budget for away matches
    • Budget for sports team kit and other requirements
    • Development of competition matches/tournaments with other schools
    • A structured sporting environment
  • Sports facilities - cricket nets
    Coaching Cricket Vince and Nceba coaching cricket

    Plans have been passed for the construction of three cricket nets, essential to the cricket development of the school. The net areas are currently under construction.

  • Artificial surfaces and field project
    Ukhanyo current sports field A netball being retrieved - our current sports field

    Masicorp have developed a programme which will see to the construction of three artificial playing areas, parking requirements and security fencing, already passed by the city council.

    These facilities will allow proper practices facilities and home matches.

    While fund raising for this project has begun, the project hopefully will be started once the sports development process has been introduced and is functioning well. We aim to complete this by 2020. more

The financial scope and donation request

The initial MCC funding for the project is GBP 50 000 for a fixed three-year period for:

  • Coaching personnel and general support/equipment requirements for three years
  • Three cricket nets (a one-off investment)
  • The commitment of the MCC MASI 750 Sports Club is to ensure sustainability year on year by matching and in time exceeding the MCC funding. The increase in school sport activity by doubling participation, practices and matches will need additional funding which we hope will be supplied by the generosity of donors.

    How you can help

    Individuals can assist the project by donating R100 or R200 (or USD/GBP 10 or 20) per month on an ongoing basis.

    Our target for 2018 is to raise R500 000 and in 2019 R1 million through individual sponsorship.

    You can join the MCC MASI 750 Sports Club by making a one-off or regular donation through our website. Choose one of the option below or, to donate in any other currency, please click here.

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