High School Education
‘High Hopes’ – providing additional learning opportunities

Masicorp has identified science, and particularly mathematics, as the subject areas where pupils at Masiphumelele High School struggle the most. Through our university bursary programme, we have gained much valuable experience and we have learnt to focus our support on maths and the sciences. Poor grades are the norm and severely restrict high school students’ prospects for further education and a career.

In an attempt to improve the situation we have initiated a series of additional mathematics classes at weekends. 'High Hopes' classes are delivered by an experienced mathematics tutor from Fish Hoek High School. The experience of the staff from the high performing local school not only helps the students but has also inspired teachers from Masiphumelele High School to use new learning materials and techniques to teach their learners. Despite being held on Saturday mornings the classes have been remarkably popular and Masicorp have seen improvements in the mathematics and science grades of high school students looking to move on to higher education or technical training. more

Every Thursday after school thirty-six Grade 12 learners travel from Masiphumelele High School to attend a Maths workshop at Fish Hoek High School. More than twenty Fish Hoek learners also attend the workshop. Four volunteer teachers from Fish Hoek and Masiphumelele lead this cooperative approach. more

The best moment in mathematics - knowing that you now understand it!