Masicorp was founded in 1999 by John and Carol Thompson and their good friend Jane Philippi joined them soon after. After giving 10 years of active involvement in Masicorp the original USA team handed over to a South African board, and continue to be involved in overseas fund raising activities. Since 2009, considerable funding has also been raised in South Africa and in 2011 Masiphumelele Trust Ltd. [Masicorp UK] was set up in the UK to help support our work.

We restructured our senior team in South Africa in 2018 to form an Executive Board of Directors with Milli Firth as Managing Director, and a non-executive Board of Trustees with Doug Wallace as Chair.

Masicorp has no religious or political affiliations and is a tax-exempt NGO / charity registered and established in South Africa, the USA and the UK.

Masiphumelele Corporation SA

Masicorp SA

Masiphumelele Corporation
From left to right: Fiona Maitland, Elize Taylor, Dr Paul Geiss, Milli Firth, Carol Hanks, Susan De Vaux, Jacqui Naidoo, Jan O’Connor..
Masicorp USA - Masiphumelele Corporation

Masicorp USA

Masiphumelele Corporation
From left to right: Jane Philippi, John Thompson and Carol Thompson.
Masicorp UK - The Masiphumelele Trust

Masicorp UK

Masiphumelele Trust Ltd
Our UK Trustees are L-R: Andrew Smith, Susan de Vaux, Sandra Dodson, Julia Musgrave and Alan McKelvey
Dame Linda Dobbs and Lord David Hacking

Masicorp's Patrons

Dame Linda Dobbs and
Lord David Hacking
Our marvellous patrons have been long-time supporters and generous personal donors.
More About Our Team

South Africa - Board of Executive Directors

In South Africa we are registered as Masiphumelele Corporation [NPO: 040994 PBO: 930015544] and we manage operations via our locally-based board. The current members and responsibilities are as follows:

  • Managing Director - Milli Firth
  • Deputy Managing Director & ECD - Fiona Maitland
  • Director of Operations - Elize Taylor
  • Director Development - Carol Hanks

South Africa - Board of Non Executive Trustees

  • Chairman - Douglas Wallace (RSA)
  • Trustee, & Founder - John Thompson (USA)
  • Trustee, & Founder - Carol Thompson (USA)
  • Trustee - Jane Philippi (USA)
  • Trustee & President - Andrew Smith (UK / RSA)
  • Trustee - Sandra Dodson (UK)
  • Trustee - Alan McKelvey B.E.M. (UK)
  • Trustee - Keith Richardson (RSA)
  • Trustee - Michael Tyhali (RSA)

Contact us

If you would like any more information on Masicorp, or are interested in getting involved, we will be pleased to hear from you.

    Milli Firth, Managing Director -, +27 [0]21 785 1923

United States (USA)

In the USA we are registered as Masiphumelele Corporation [Public Charity EIN number: 02-0511758] Our USA team is:

  • John and Carol Thompson (Founders)
  • Jane Philippi


In the UK we are registered as Masiphumelele Trust Ltd. [Charity Commission N° 1137358 HMRC Gift Aid Registration: XT26095]. Our trustees are:

  • Sandra Dodson (Chair)
  • Alan McKelvey B.E.M.
  • Julia Musgrave
  • Andrew Smith
  • Susan de Vaux

Website Credits

Our thanks go to:

  • Christine Adendorff - of Christine Adendorff Photography in Cape Town - for images used on this site and elsewhere.
  • Johann du Bruyn - Design Director at Milk and Coal in Cape Town - who designed our new Logo and Stationery in 2012.
  • Julia Musgrave who kindly donates her time and skills as our web master.
  • Kenny Williams - for the Kause web design template used by Masicorp.