Give Maths Momentum in Masi

Ukhanyo Primary School is one of many township schools in South Africa where overcrowded classrooms and limited resources hamper the children’s ability to learn. There are nearly 2000 children enrolled here, and although it is a busy and vibrant place of learning, there are daily struggles for teachers and children alike.

Junior is one of the many Grade 3’s attending our Maths Lab. At 8 years old, Maths had become a source of frustration for him. Very basic concepts such as units and counting were confusing to him, while his classmates worked easily through the lessons. He was falling further and further behind.

His mother, employed as a domestic worker, struggled to provide for him and his siblings, most nights returning late at night from work. After school, Junior didn’t have any help with his homework.

There are many children just like Junior, who do not have the advantage of a foundation of early learning and very little educational support at home. Most are from struggling single parent households where the focus is on feeding their families, not education.

Just a few weeks into entering the Maths Lab for the first time, Teacher Thula noticed the struggles Junior was having and dedicated herself to helping him. As well as attending his class time lessons in the Lab, she invited him to join the Maths Club after school – where Thula made learning fun. She started by using coins and money as a method of counting (in Rands) and using playing cards for fun addition and subtraction games.

It was like a lightbulb had come on!

One became R1 (one Rand), two became R2 and he could finally see the connection between units of numbers and how to work with them.

For the first time in his life, Junior is participating in class – very often the first to put up his hand!

For children like Junior who attend the Maths Lab, this programme is their lifeline. It is an oasis of hope and the key to future learning and opportunities. Opportunities that could one day change their lives and the lives of their families.

YOU can make all the difference to a child, like Junior.

If you want to contribute to Maths in Masi - please show your support here. Your gift of just R400 will equip one child from Ukhanyo Primary with the tools to keep learning for an entire year in our Maths Lab programme.

PS: We cannot uplift people living in Masiphumelele without your ongoing support. While we aim to do even more in the future, we are humbled to be making an impact on children’s lives from a young age, so they have an advantage in school and moving forward.