Give the Gift of a Healthy Meal for Pre-School Children in Masi

Masicorp - The Feeding Programme

For many children living in Masiphumelele, a hot, nutritious meal is sadly not always an everyday occurrence.

Doiline Maisiri (Principal of Chasmay Educare) recalls a time before we started the pre-school feeding project. “Children were going hungry; it was heartbreaking to see. We couldn’t make enough sandwiches. When we made basic bread and butter for the children many of them would come back to the table and ask - please teacher, just one more sandwich.”

We saw that many of the children were disruptive or struggled with focus. Their hunger was overshadowing their ability to learn and play.

Today, at all of our pre-schools, we ensure that each child receives two hot and healthy meals as well as fruit snacks to keep them going throughout the day – (each cooked lunch contains at least four vegetables). Since then, we have seen a dramatic effect in the way the children are able to learn when their bellies are full.

 “We also realized that there is also huge need to include education about growing food from an early age. We asked the children where tomatoes come from and they said Pick n Pay.” (Doiline)

Because of this, we have also recently added ‘’food education’’ into the pre-school curriculum, which will give our children a better understanding of a balanced diet, where real food comes from and how to grow it.

Every day, over 300 children are fed at our three pre-schools – and are thriving and learning because of it. But we cannot do this without your support.

Can you help us preserve young minds in Masi?

Your gift of R150 will cover the costs of feeding one child at one of our pre-schools for a month.

Because we believe this is the pathway out of poverty.