How Sisange Learnt to Read on Whatsapp

We’d like you to meet Sisange, a Gr. 4 learner at Simon’s Town School. At age 11, she could not yet read. Embarrassed and frustrated at her predicament, Sisange’s motivation to learn to read was off the charts. Although struggling with an auditory sequencing problem coupled with the fact that she has an attention disorder, she bravely applied herself. Incredibly, with the help of a dedicated volunteer, Sisange learnt to read over WhatsApp video calls during the COVID-19 lockdown this year. She started on level 1 books and can now read level 7 books. An amazing achievement.

‘’I can go to school now and feel involved in the lesson when the teacher puts things up on the board’’

This is a huge leap forward for Sisange, from not being able to pronounce and use high frequency words in the English language to being able to finally read on her own. She is much happier in school now. Before, she was too shy to even read aloud in class and she suffered immense embarrassment as she was always at a disadvantage.

If you feel moved by Sisange’s story and would like to see more children like her flourish please show your support here. Your gift of just R200 will allow children like Sisange to receive a full month of support through our English…Please! programme. This programme focuses on helping children learn to read, so they may read to learn.

PS: There are many children like Sisange living in Masiphumelele. While we cannot provide them with the highly specialised attention they require, we can step in and lend a helping hand to get them to where they need to be.