Help make the MCC Masi 750 Sport Club programme sustainable

Its success can be seen by the before and after photos of the facilities, but that is half the story.

August 2017 Before

January 2019 After

The real story is the human story of helping transform the youth, their families and school in Masiphumelele through sport and life-skills training.

Please assist us in ensuring this programme’s sustainability.

The MCC Masi 750 Sports club has rejuvenated sport at the only primary school, Ukhanyo, in this unique Masiphumelele township of 45,000 residents in half a square kilometer.

Ukhanyo with its almost 2000 kids and 47 teachers is an amazing energetic academic institution. Yet, up to 2017, it had limited sport and no field just one netball court.

In 2019, Michael Tyhali, the Principal, says “Sport is a game changer!”

The school is so special having been born out of a very poor environment with high unemployment; it is a place of safety and adventure. Sport as well as the school’s choir, tribal dancing and more recently chess club, gives the learners an outlet of expression outside the academics which allows them to flourish.

Children need an identity, a sense of belonging and feeling of spontaneous invincibility one gets through sport. Sport can give the kids a glimpse of their real and unlimited potential. It also leads them away from gangs and drugs as they navigate those, sometimes, challenging school years.

In 18 months the MCC Masi 750 Sports Club has:

  • Increased the coaches from one to seventeen for its six sports
  • Developed 17 Ukhanyo sports teams kitted out in school colours
  • Introduced cricket, soccer and cycling school sports in 2018
  • Increased the after-school participants by 35%
  • Now seven staff members who have volunteered as after school sport coaches
  • Given the school excellent facilities – The MCC Masi Club with our NGO partner, Masicorp, built two 40 x 20 m artificial playing fields and three cricket nets. This through our special donors.
  • Ensured that all sports are played in the official school league for the first time
  • Enabled young group of under 7, 8 and 9 groups playing KFC mini-cricket, tag rugby, netball and soccer.
  • Engaged with 14 NGOs who assist the life-skills training, the coaching processes and support us with cycles, equipment and training.
  • Four of its coaches enrolled in the eta sports management nationally certificated 12 month


  • 10 coaches have mini cricket coaching certificate, four coaches the eta short sports coaching course, 3 coaches the level one CSA cricket umpiring curse and 8 coaches the Premier League level one soccer coaching course
  • The list is endless. Hockey will be introduced in the third term of this year,

Now, the MCC Masi Club is moving to assist the sports development of the Masiphumelele High School in 2019 and 2020. We will this year be resurfacing their netball court that is inoperable, construct three astro-turf cricket nets and remark the lines of their current netball/staff-parking lot court.

The development of a sporting culture at the High school is our next adventure!

Our running costs excluding facility build is R600K for the Primary School and will be R400K at the High school. The final funds from the MCC which generously donated of GBP50,000 over three years which has helped launch this programme, will come to an end this year, 2019.

Please assist us with an annual donation to help produce the future leaders in sport, business, the community and every field of human endeavor.

Your contribution will help us sustain this sports programme and transform this unique community through sport.