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New Job Alert: Math’s Lab Manager based at Ukhanyo Primary School in Masiphumelele.

Masicorp works with the people of Masiphumelele, as well as key partners, offering opportunities through education helping individuals to uplift themselves out of poverty and work towards a sustainable livelihood. Focusing on the township of Masiphumelele (a community of around 30 000 people), Masicorp runs various education and skills development programmes for this community as a route out of poverty. The focus is on ECD initiatives for children aged 0-6, Math’s, Science and English Learning Labs at Primary School Level, High School Math’s & Science, Tertiary Education support, Community and School Sports Development, and Adult skills development programmes.

Masicorp seeks to appoint an experienced Math’s Lab Manager based at Ukhanyo Primary School in Masiphumelele, Cape Town. The Math Lab is one of three learning labs – English, Math & Science. The teaching area is foundation phases. You will work directly with the Masicorp Team, Ukhanyo School Management Team, Teachers and Pupils.

Job Purpose

The Math’s Lab Manager oversees and directs the day-to-day operations of the Math’s Lab and also plans for and prepares for the ongoing expansion of the programme.

Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities:

  • Developing and maintaining good, working relationships with teachers and the management of Ukhanyo Primary School.
  • Mentoring and supporting teachers in teaching of mathematics. This includes, but is not limited to, modelling lessons to teachers.
  • Developing and maintaining good, working relationships with teachers and mentoring them into “the Math’s Lab way”. This includes, but is not limited to, modelling the “Math’s Lab way” to teachers.
  • Ensuring that the Math’s Lab’s way of teaching, i.e., learning and related resources are aligned with the national CAPS curriculum. This includes creating lesson plans and accompanying resources if the Math’s Lab curriculum expands to any other grades in the future.
  • Mentoring and managing the assistants in the Math’s Lab, including supporting them in modelling the “Math’s Lab way “ lessons based on the national CAPS curriculum and the core values of the Math’s Lab. This includes doing the annual reviews of teaching assistants.
  • Implementing a programme of after-school Math’s clubs.
  • Finance: Drawing up and managing the Math’s Lab budget.
  • Completing and submitting monthly petty cash spreadsheets.
  • Assisting Masicorp staff to maintain a public profile of the Math’s Lab.
  • This includes providing news updates and photographs that can be used in blogs and writing an annual review of the Math’s Lab.
  • Assisting the fundraising team through explaining the function of the Math’s Lab to people (funders, volunteers, new staff, friends of Masicorp) who visit the lab.
  • Designing and implementing a programme of monitoring and evaluation in order to ensure the continual improvement of the work of the “Math’s Lab way”.


Qualification Requirements:

  • Educational background with an understanding of how to implement a curriculum in a practical, hands-on way. This person needs to be a good leader who understands how to encourage, mentor and empower the Math’s Lab teachers and assistants that are involved in the programme. This person needs to be a servant leader who understands the importance of developing relationships that foster collaboration and mutual respect.


Essential Experience:

  • Involvement in the education sector for several + years. A proven track record in leadership roles.



  • This person should have good interpersonal relationship skills, Math’s skills, leadership skills, visionary skills, problem solving skills and teaching skills.



  • Problem solver, thinker, visionary, amiable, reliable, creative, leader, ability to confront any issues if necessary, enjoys working with children as well as adults.


Your application should comprise of:

  • A cover letter outlining your motivation and relevant experience for the role.
  • A comprehensive CV, including educational and professional qualifications, a full employment history showing the more significant positions, responsibilities held and relevant achievements.


Deadline: 06 June 2021

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis up until 06 June 2021.

To note: No relocation cost will be covered by the Organization