Help others like Sisange Learn to Read

Over the years, Masicorp’s aim has stood resolute, like a fixed marker with a true magnetic bearing pointing to the infinite possibilities that exist with your help. These unprecedented times we currently find ourselves in have tested us to the limit and beyond – making it challenging to continue to meet the communities needs due to the impact that Covid-19 has had on economies all over the globe.

Over the past few months, our programme teams have responded to the global pandemic with great tenacity, thinking of more inventive ways we can reach people from the community in Masiphumelele. We do not want to see anybody, especially children like Sisange being left behind in their educational journey. We are striving for unique out the box thinking that allows us to continue our work - so that people from Masi may continue to benefit from our education and support programmes. This is evident in the heart-warming story where one of our dedicated volunteers taught Sisange to read over WhatsApp video calls during South Africa’s lockdown.

The team here at Masicorp will continue to exceed expectations and push the boundaries of the learning curve to ensure that we continue to uphold our core beliefs, which are cemented in education – the surest route out of poverty.

Thank you for supporting Masicorp in our quest to change the future for the people of Masiphumelele.