It is said that art is the highest form of hope. Art can give a voice to feelings and struggles, and be a form of expression and healing.

A group of girls from Masiphumelele calling themselves ‘’The Brave Girls’’ get together each week to sing, talk and create art under the caring eye of Mama Yandi of Masi Creative Hub.

Mama Yandi saw an urgent need to provide a safe space for the girls of Masi to express their emotions and widen their imaginations. This programme, supported by Masicorp, focuses on using art to cultivate new ways of thinking and problem-solving, building confidence and encouraging collaboration. It also helps the girls to recognise the impact of their actions and how to take responsibility.

In Masiphumelele, our youth are vulnerable – especially our young girls. Gender-based violence, teen pregnancy, inequality and unemployment all play a role in shaping the future of these young people.

Many of the girls have told troubling stories of difficult home lives or unimaginable traumatic experiences. It is hard for us to share with you the full extent of just how much the Brave Girls Club is helping them without breaching their privacy.

What we do know is that each week these girls come back - to a place where they feel supported. A place where mentors from Masi, like Mama Yandi, encourage them to speak out on difficult subjects that directly affect them so they can make good choices and support one another.  They then can carry forward what they have learnt into their community.

Can you help the Brave Girls from Masi? With your support, these girls can become community leaders and influence the next generation in Masi.

Masicorp’s programmes are aimed at uplifting the community of Masiphumelele. Our core focus is education and by integrating life skills training, we are helping many residents progress beyond a world of poverty.