Voluntourism at Masicorp

Masicorp welcomes visitors to Cape Town to participate in their various programs. As part of your holiday you could spend time with us reading and playing sports with primary students, assisting a preschool teacher, and helping in the library on our education programs. We look forward to welcoming you to Masicorp and showing you our projects in the community.

Helping out in daycare - Photo: Stephen C photography

Most of our volunteer experiences are one day long, but please let us know if you are considering a longer stay. Please note that our projects close between mid-December and mid-January for the South African summer holiday. It is not possible to arrange and programs for visitors during this period as all educational facilities are closed and staff are on holiday.

We request that volunteers please make a donation for us to schedule a day of volunteering. We currently require US$100 ( R1200 / GBP 75) per adult for a one day experience.

A Typical Visit to Masiphumelele

Time Activity
10:00 Meet our Voluntourism Coordinator, Shelley Tuck, at the Masicorp Campus, Chasmay Road.Map
10:00-10:30 Chasmay Road: Overview of our various social programmes and initiatives in Masiphumelele.
Drive with Shelley through the community to your volunteer session.
10:30-13:00 Volunteering Session at Masi Educare – Pre School.
Meet Lindi the school principal & staff.
Spend time assisting and having fun with the children in their various activities that have been set for them on the day.
13:00-14:00 Shelley will pick you up from Masi Educare and drive to Nonny’s Café.
Enjoy a traditional lunch accompanied by Dolly– a permanent member of the Masicorp team. Dolly can give you an insider’s view of life in Masiphumelele as she lives in the township.

Shelley will collect you after one hour and drive through the streets of Masiphumelele to the library.

14:00-14:15 Visit the Masiphumelele Library.
14:15-15:00 Visit one of Masicorp's business sponsorship projects e.g. Ndileka Biyo - Business Entrepreneur.

Return to Masicorp Campus, Chasmay Road.

15:00 End of your time in Masiphumelele.

In addition to the above itinerary, other options could include:

  • Assisting with sport at Ukhyano Primary School with PE teacher Nceba (assisting in the physical education programme at the school).more
  • Working with Masifunde our English literacy programme for primary school children. more

Masicorp volunteer experiences

Some of the feedback we have received from recent volunteers:

Dear Shelley,
Thank you very much for the opportunity that you gave us in visiting Masiphumelele and in introducing us in what Masicorp is doing for the community. We were really impressed by the education projects and found highly motivated teachers/trainers and students.
We also can imagine that still very very much has to be done to reach even more families whose kids we did not see in school.
Enkosi to the people of Masi, many thanks to you.
Best regards
Frowin Derr and family, Germany.

A Masicorp volunteer's experience...

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How to arrange your volunteer experience

We request that volunteers please make a donation for us to schedule a day of volunteering. We currently require US$100 (or 1200 Rand or £75) per adult for a one day experience.

Please complete the booking form and return it to us at contact@masicorp.org

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