Help fund our work

We want to do more – the needs of the people in Masiphumelele are great – but no matter how much support we have from our team of fantastic volunteers who deliver our projects and programmes, we cannot do it without financial donations.

Please join our fantastic team of fundraisers. You will always be most welcome to come and visit to see for yourself how the people of Masiphumelele appreciate what you have done for them.

UK Fundraising Resources

Click here to fundraise for Masicorp on JustGiving

We are always happy to support our fundraisers - click on the link below to find out more.

Masicorp - UK Fundraising Guidelines

(This guide is for individuals or groups who are going to raise funds on behalf of Masicorp in the UK. We are happy to help fundraisers in other countries too - please contact us.)

Tell people what we do:

Feel free to print off the Masicorp brochure - UK, USA and South African versions:


If you use eBay sell items on eBay, you can now help raise funds for Masicorp through eBay for Charity.

When selling an item on eBay you can choose to give from 10% to 100% of your sale price to Masicorp. (There is a £1 minimum donation per listing).

Masicorp's charity page on eBay will show all listings that benefit our work. Every listing that benefits us will include our logo and mission statement, and will help to promote us and our work. Every listing is also marked with the charity ribbon, attracting extra customers.

Supporters who sell items for Masicorp receive fee credits on the basic insertion and final value fees equal to the percentage they donate. So if you donate 50% of your selling price to Masicorp, eBay will waive 50% of your fees.

How it works

You can choose (and manage) your favourite charities when you sell things via your eBay Account

  • Log into your eBay account
  • On the top line menu select Sell/Sell an Item.
  • Choose 'Switch to Advanced Tool' on the top line
  • Describe your item as usual.
  • When you get to the Pricing Option, you'll see an option "Raise Money for your favourite charity" (see right)
  • If Masicorp is not shown, click on 'Or, select another charity'.
  • Find us by searching for 'Masicorp' and 'Save as favourite'

Find out more about selling on eBay for charity here.

Watch a video demo here.

Buy an item on EBAY UK and give at checkout

When paying via PayPal, eBay shoppers have the option to add a small donation to their eBay purchases, regardless of whether the item originally sold for charity.

Shoppers can choose which charity they see in eBay checkout on the 'My Favourite Charities' page in their Donation Account, or opt to donate to a featured charity. You can add Masicorp as a Favourite by visiting your "About My Charity" page on eBay, and clicking the "Save as Favourite" button. Search for us as Masicorp .

Buy an item on Amazon UK and give at checkout

Take a Look

Check out the images below to see some of our achievements, and how things were before we started work. Our blog has the latest updates!