Primary Education

‘Learning Labs’ – helping teachers to teach and pupils to learn

Primary Education

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High Hopes’ – providing additional learning opportunities

High School Education

University, college and further education

‘Bright futures’ – supporting students

University, college and further education

Community & lifelong learning

Education – the route out of poverty

Community & lifelong learning

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Masicorp – partners in education for Life

Masicorp works for the people of Masiphumelele township, where we estimate more than 40,000 people live disadvantaged and poor by the legacy of apartheid. Since 1999, our work has made a proven difference to the lives of people in Masiphumelele.Our focus is education — the surest route out of poverty. Our projects cover pre-school to adult learners — we are partners in education for life. Please contact us and join our team as a fundraiser, donor or volunteer. You will be very welcome — there is so much still to do.

Our Spending

Our work is made possible by a team 58 staff members and 62 volunteers who give us their time and talents, and by donors from South Africa, America, the UK and elsewhere.





Our Projects

Meet Phoebe & Arthur our two volunteers from the UK

We’re thrilled to welcome two UK volunteers, Phoebe Gane(23) from Leamington Spa, and Arthur Colquhoun (23) from Oxford. Over ➔ more

The Power of Active Learning for Young Learners with Masicorp

Unlocking English Literacy: The Power of Active Learning for Young Learners with Masicorp At Masicorp, we believe that every ➔ more

Back to school in Masiphumelele

Back to School in Masiphumelele

Children from Masiphumelele went back to school last week on the 18th of January 2023. The back-to-school rush is ➔ more

child, indoors, eating, healthy meal, Giving Tuesday

Help us End Hunger This Giving Tuesday

The 29th of November is Giving Tuesday – this global movement has seen people around the world mobilize to ➔ more

The Latest Masi News – Kholosa’s Story

Our Masi news usually shares stories from our education programmes that make Masicorp unique from other charities in Cape ➔ more

Stay & Play – Enhancing Early Childhood Education in Masi

Early childhood education is fundamental because it is during this time that children go through a radical phase of ➔ more

Masicorp & Evangeline Ministries

Empowering Women in Masiphumelele

“Empowering women is key to building a future we want.” -Amartya Sen Masicorp believes that education and life skills ➔ more

Sewing to Make Every Day a Mandela Day

Mandela Day is about giving back and honouring a legacy. It’s an oath to pledge your time to make ➔ more

Joseph Chivayo is Running for Education

Joseph Chivayo, our latest UK board member is running for Masicorp in the London Royal Parks Half Marathon 2022. ➔ more

Evangeline – A Skill Development Programme Opening the Door to Possibility

The Evangeline skill development programme strutted its brilliance again on Saturday the 11th of June 2022. This is a ➔ more