Welcome to Chasmay Educare! 

This school is situated in Masiphumelele - a township in Cape Town, South Africa, where we estimate more than 40,000 people are living disadvantaged and poor by the legacy of apartheid.

There are an estimated 6000 pre-school aged children living in Masiphumelele, many of them attending no formal pre-school facility. Masicorp's various early childhood development programmes reach nearly 600 of these children each year, (some are enrolled one of our Educares and others attend our informal creche programmes) - focusing on those who are 'left behind'' to raise the standard of education in children ages 0-6 years.

Chasmay Educare cares for 100 children living in the Masi community. This school came under Masicorp management in early 2018 and has recently undergone many renovations and improvements. The five teachers also have the opportunity to undergo extra training and attend workshops so they may improve their skills. We are so proud of how far this school has come.

Lunches at Chasmay

Currently we are not offering a daily cooked meal, as we have had limited facilities and staff to be able to offer this to children attending the school. The children are, however, receiving a bowl of maizemeal or oats each morning, and are requested to bring lunch, a sandwich from home and a daily piece of fruit which gets cut up and shared.

We have noticed, however, that often many of the children do not bring lunch from home. Those that do bring their own lunch often bring in processed or low nutrient meals. In situations where a child does not have lunch, we provide bread with peanut butter or fruit, so the children do not go hungry.

We would welcome the opportunity to be able to provide each child not only with a cooked porridge in the morning but a cooked meal each day during lunchtime as well. This meal would be made up of variations of meat, vegetables, lentils, rice or maizemeal. This way we can ensure that each child in our care is getting a nutritious and vitamin rich warm lunch each day, something that often does not happen in every home in Masiphumelele.

Unfortunately, the donated stove we are using at the moment has only one working plate, and we do not have sufficient pots and cooking equipment. Our microwave and fridge are also second hand and donated, and will in the near future need replacement. We also would require the assistance of a helper who could cook and prepare the meals for the children, as well as assist with cleaning and serving throughout the day.

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