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August 2017 Before

January 2019 After

This is the human story of helping the schools in Masiphumelele transform their children, teenagers, their families and the community through sport, life-skills training and education.

In 2019, Michael Tyhali, the Ukhanyo Primary school Principal, said: “Sport is a game changer!” Children need an identity, a sense of belonging and feeling of spontaneous invincibility one gets through sport. Sport can give the kids a glimpse of their real and unlimited potential. It also leads them away from gangs and drugs as they navigate those sometimes challenging school years.

It is the trilogy of sport, life-skills and education that can lead the learners to a life fulfilled. That is our purpose.

MasiSports has achieved much in four years and needs to sustain this project to assist building the next positive SA generation every year. Become a Masi Champion by donating and make a whole world of difference. Ukhanyo Primary and Masiphumelele High now have a fully-fledged sports programme with facilities, school branded kit and equipment, coaches for each team and a place in the inter-schools’ leagues. Academic results at both schools have improved, as has discipline, teamwork and enjoyment at school.

Become a Masi Champion. Donate and be a part of the programme that changes lives. For more information visit our website.