Meals that Matter: Fuel a Child’s Education and Growth

Imagine a world where every child can thrive, starting with something as simple as a nutritious meal. Meet 5-year-old Emma-Rose, living in Masiphumelele with her mother, Murie. Emma’s days are brightened by the delicious meals she receives each day at school, especially her Friday favourite—cooked rice and chicken.

Emma-Rose and her family depend on the school meals she receives daily at Masi Educare. With rising living costs and many families struggling with unemployment or irregular incomes, these meals are a lifeline. Parents send their children to school knowing that their little ones are being nourished and provided with warm, healthy, and hearty meals. For some of these children, these could be the only meals they may eat that day.

At Masicorp we are dedicated to serving 400 young children across three of our educare centers in the Masiphumelele community, providing essential meals and quality education every single day.

Here’s some perspective: a simple gift of R150 / $10 / £7 (the cost of a few cups of coffee) could nourish a child for a month.

But R1800 / $ 100 / £75 could feed a child for an entire year. Just imagine - that’s one whole year of YOU helping us bridge the gap between hunger and education - turning school into a place of hope and opportunity for 400 children like Emma-Rose.

A fed child is a nourished child – and a child that is ready to learn. By feeding these children, we see increased attendance across all our centres. We hear parents express profound gratitude, knowing their children receive both nourishment and quality education while in our care. After all, a hungry child cannot focus on learning, and education is incomplete without proper nutrition.

By joining our Meals that Matter: Fuel a Child’s Education and Growth campaign, you can make a meaningful difference in the lives of children like Emma-Rose.

Together, let's continue to nourish the bodies and minds of our future South African leaders—because when we feed a child, we feed our future.