Reading Unlocks a World of Learning 

Children attending our literacy programmes in Masiphumelele are two or more years behind the learning curve. The programmes we fund are aimed at helping children who have fallen far behind in English to read and write in the language so that they can learn equally in all subjects. These children get no real practice speaking English at home and with difficulty accessing libraries and books they are at a great disadvantage.

We help children learn to read via one-on-one time, which is valued and by giving them access to an array of library books, children from Masiphumelele can get the practice they need so they can learn to read in English with confidence

Minentle is a Grade 4 learner attending one of our literacy programmes and could not read at all when she first joined the class. Now, she is halfway through level two books in just two terms. Although she still has far to go, she looks forward to her time in the classroom.

“Here I can be free of judgement, I can speak and be heard. No one tells me not to speak English - my teacher encourages it.”

- Minentle (‘Masifunde’ Student)

Masicorp’s literacy programmes do not just teach English language skills - these programmes inspire the children with confidence so that they can feel comfortable learning in all subjects.

 R400 can teach a child to read for a term in one of our literacy programmes. Can you help children learn to read in Masiphumelele?

With your support, we can change lives and make a difference in the community of Masiphumelele. Thank you.