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Meeting Up With The New Bursary Students — 3 Comments

  1. It is an interesting thing to see the youth excelling especially from within the under privileged settings as Masiphumelele. I would also like the register many thanks for the whole team behind Masicorp organisation for their absolute commitment and devotion to changing lives and believing in the youth by empowering them financially to study further.I say thank you to all excutives behind the whole initiative. I just wish the iniative will grow unlimitedly to include all youth with potential to make a difference within the commutes they live in and their lives. Keep up the good work and God bless and bravo to those who have converted meaningfully the bursaries into something adorable!! Weldone

    • Hello Shadreck. Many thanks for your kind comments. We are also hoping to grow the initiative and are busy securing funds to support more new students for the next academic year. Please check back here for more progress updates.

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